Does Your Child Ride the Bus?

Together we can ensure that the transportation of all students is as safe and enjoyable as possible

The following safety tips and responsibilities are critical for the safety of your child in transporting them to and from school

  • Parents and students are responsible for the student’s safety prior to entering and after exiting a school bus, including time spent at the bus stop
  • Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the school bus
  • Special care and arrangements are processed through our Transportation Office for preschool-ready students and kindergartners However, it is still the parents’ responsibility to see that their children are in safe situations and are with a secure adult upon entering and exiting the bus
  • Kindergarten students must have a parent, guardian, or other designated person at the bus stop and clearly visible to the bus driver in order for the student to be released from the bus
  • Riders should know their own stop and where they are going
  • Parents and students should understand and follow all rules and expectations of the school bus
  • Riders should be safe, be responsible, and be respectful