Around the Horn

Horizon Elementary

This new school year is bound to take some good HOPS! The Horizon Organization Parents and Staff is an active, exciting group of parents working together with teachers to make their learning experience the best it can be—and if your child is attending Horizon, you’re already a member!

HOPS parents meet every month to learn about school curriculum, district issues and day-to-day building operations. They also promote enrichment opportunities, plan family activities, make decisions about how to support students and classrooms through fundraising, and much more. HOPS meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the school library and meetings last between an hour to an hour and a half.

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Dimondale Elementary

Calling all Bearcats!

Dimondale Elementary’s PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) is looking for new parents to participate in our monthly meetings. It’s the best way to connect parents to resources, address parent concerns, and work together to support students and staff.

A strong partnership between parents, teachers, staff and the community is vital to the success of our students—and the PTO understands that regular communication and teamwork is the best way to bring everyone together.

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Sycamore Elementary

Holt Public Schools is super excited to introduce our newest principal: Shannon Huff!

She tells the Ram Quarterly that she’s thrilled to be joining the Holt team as principal of Sycamore Elementary. She’s beginning her 18th year in education as an elementary teacher and administrator, many of those years in the Lansing area. She holds a masters’ degree in Educational Administration from Michigan State University, and she lives in Mason with her husband and their two children.

If you have any questions for her about the upcoming school year, feel free to email:!

Wilcox Elementary

The Wildcats of Wilcox Elementary School are gearing up for another amazing school year with the theme — We LEARN, We GROW, TOGETHER! Our school team is focused on growing and stretching the knowledge and talents of our young learners with a goal of fostering a true love of learning and lasting friendships for each and every one of our students. Our staff will also continue to grow their expertise in technology, social-emotional learning, and differentiation through ongoing professional development opportunities this year. Yes, we are better together, and the entire Wilcox learning community is excited to see how many goals we can accomplish individually and as a school team in the 2019-2020 school year! Additionally, in support of developing lifelong, healthy lifestyles for our students, staff, parents, and our entire Wilcox Area community, the PTO of Wilcox Elementary is also excited to announce that a new, paved mileage track will be completed for the start of the school for all to enjoy! Come check us out!

Elliott Elementary

In today’s world, students are experiencing stress and anxiety at younger and younger ages. Thanks to a generous grant from the Holt Education Foundation, hundreds of Elliott Eagles learned how to let that stress go and refocus themselves through the practice of yoga.

“The last few years, we felt a need for our students who have experienced trauma in their lives to find ways to calm themselves when they’re feeling escalated,” teacher Erin Nimphie told WLNS-TV. “And then the research shows that it benefits all kids.”

“It’s making me really relaxed,” fourth grade student Alainnah Mosher added. “I could fall asleep from it because of how relaxing it is, and it’s taking all the stress out.”

If you have a little Eagle at home, encourage them to take advantage of this great opportunity—and maybe they can teach you to relieve your stress, too!

Hope Middle School

Hope Middle School is also focused on putting teachers and staff in a position to help kids cope with trauma, stress, and the impact it can have on young learners. In an ideal world, students would never need this kind of support—but we don’t live in an ideal world, and giving our students the tools they need to overcome loss or adversity is a key component of helping them grow into able, empowered members of our community.

We can help students cope by implementing strategies of self-regulation, structured breaks, Zones of Regulation, calm corners, mindfulness, and building resilience. If you’d like to know more, please contact principal Jennifer Goodman:

Washington Woods Middle School

Washington Woods students capped off an amazing 2018-19 school year with amazing field trips!

Fifth-graders had opportunities to go out to Michigan Adventure’s theme park in Muskegon, as well as do some amazing team-building exercises at Camp Highfields. Meanwhile, Sixth-graders rode Dean Trailways buses out to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry! They had a blast getting plenty of hands-on, expert-led education about their world.

You can learn more about the museum and the kinds of experiences Washington Woods sixth-graders had at

Special thanks to the teachers, parents, and staff who came together to give our students some amazing lifetime memories to end last year—and help make sure they’re excited for this fall!

Junior High School

Did you know the history of Holt’s Portfolio Day extends all the way back to 1995? It began as a partnership between the Holt Kiwanis Club and the school district, giving Holt Public Schools students a chance to prepare for real-world interviews and experiences.

This past spring, Holt Junior High School students got to continue the tradition! Our Portfolio Showcase was a big success, giving parents a chance to travel throughout the building’s facilities and learn what their students (and all of their classmates) achieved throughout their time at Holt Junior High.

In fact, we know parents got plenty out of all the displays and interactive activities! The Parent Reflection sheet gave them an opportunity to appreciate all the growth their child has made—and see how well they’re prepared for high school and the challenges beyond.

Holt High School

Last fall, a group of engineering seniors in the Project Lead the Way program had a seed—er, an idea!

They wanted to leave a legacy, giving something back to the school. They began the 1,000 Trees Project: a plan of planting one thousand trees across the district by the
year 2030.

The seniors donated one willow tree, and the Holt Community Foundation donated four dogwoods. In the coming years, we plan to fill the new “Graduate’s Grove” in with donated trees to make a nice arboretum by our North Campus classroom. For more information—and ways to donate money, trees or time—follow the 1,000 Trees Facebook page:

You can also learn more about Project Lead the Way at Mrs. Weise’s Weebly page: